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“Packing your business in a box”

The Transpac professional packers offer specialised stress-free packing and unpacking services. Whether the team packs your entire business or simply a small number of your files and archives. Transpac’ s logical and stress free approach assures that your business arrives safely at its new destination.

Nobody else other than Transpac understands better that businesses not always have the time to pack their desks and filing cabinets and that a smooth and structured relocation can mean a world of difference for you and your staff. Our professional packing team are fully trained and are taking care of everything so you don’t have to worry. The professional packers are there to help you and your staff to settle into your new office.

The team is able to unpack your business so that you do not have to stare at or search through boxes for days. The team will know from packing your previous office location where the items belong so that you can adjust to your office while we unpack the business.

Our Office packing and unpacking service travels across all of Perth’s Metropolitan. We are always available for a free quote and provide competitive rates. Call Transpac today!


Part & Full Office Packing Services:

Packing is essential for the relocation of you and your staff. Transpac offers businesses the service of making your relocating stress-free by packing your office with our Packing services. The Packing service reputation is enhanced by partner removal companies using our service to pack their businesses.

Transpac uses high quality protective cardboard packing boxes, Free Of Charge Crates on request, archive boxes on request and an assortment of packing materials to suit and protect your business’s valuables. Our Professional Packing Team packs every item, file and computer screen or a designated area within your office. The experienced, trained and uniformed staff take care all of everything in preparation of your office relocation.

Office Packing tip:

Our Professional Packing Team will pack your business 1 day prior to your relocation. Make sure you have set aside some much needed items such as follows;

  • Coffee items: To get your employees through the day
  • Personal Chargers: All necessary chargers for personal work laptops and phones. We do not want to disrupt your employees tasks.
  • Personal Employee items: Personal items that your employees do not want to get packed by the packing team
  • Sensitive documents: Please ensure that sensitive business documents are either packed into one box or taken care of by the manager.

Part & Full Office Unpacking Services

Transpac’s part Office Unpacking service will set you and your staff up for your first day in your new office location. A team of Professional Un-Packers will unpack your most important boxes for you to continue your business and set up your staff kitchen.

Do you want your whole office set up and made ready to resume business? A Full Office Unpacking service can be launched for you and your staff to get back to business as soon as possible. The team can remove and disposed the card box boxes and return the Free Of Charge crates upon finalisation of the unpack.


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