Furniture Storage

Furniture Storage

Do you need a storage in Perth to keep your furniture? Not sure if it is long term or short term? Don’t worry, we provide all the storage solutions.

At Transpac Removals, our storage units offer safe and secure alarm monitored storage, available for short or long term use. The modules are dust and vermin proof, protecting your valuables for as long as required. A full inventory is provided and maintained at all times.


Why Use Our Storage?

When it comes to storage, there are many potential situations in which you might need it. If you are moving into a smaller house or experiencing downsizing at your company, you wouldn't want to get rid of your furniture, equipment, and other valuables. This is especially true if the situation is temporary and you expect to use the items again in the future.

Furniture Storage Tips

If you are planning on taking some items to a storage unit, ensuring they are safe is important. Otherwise, your items might become damaged while they are sitting in storage. Here are some useful storage tips to prevent that from happening.
  • Use boxes wisely. Small boxes are perfect for heavy items, while large boxes are ideal for lighter items. For example, use small boxes for books or kitchenware and use large boxes for linens and pillows. If you pack a bunch of heavy items in a large box, it will be hard to carry and manoeuvre. A large box filled with heavy items is also much more likely to break.
  • Properly label your items. If you need to pick something up from storage, the last thing you want to do is dig through each and every box, package and bag. Take the time to label everything before taking it to the storage facility.
  • Protect your items. All boxes and packages should be secured with tape. Also, when you’re storing furniture, electronics, valuables or fragile items, use padding for protection. Leaving a little room between items can also help to prevent scratching and denting, as well as broken boxes.
  • Disassemble items before storing them. This saves space and protects your items from damage. Bed frames, desks, office chairs, and shelving units are particularly good candidates. Our specialists can help by disassembling any complex items.

To have the storage solutions Please call Transpac Removals on (08) 9284 7095 for more information. 

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