Moving House ? We give you 10  Free boxes

At Transpac we are offering for a short period only free boxes when you book your move with us.  At Transpac we know that boxes can be quite expensive and can lead to spending hundreds of dollars. As part of our mission to make your moving experience stress-free, we help you to start your move by  providing free boxes. Our boxes are high quality protective cardboard packing boxes.

The sizes that we provide with this offer entail
5 small ‘Book and Wine’ boxes
5 large ‘Tea Chest’ Boxes.

Transpac provides high quality protective cardboard packing boxes. The sizes and purpose vary from small to large. Next to boxes, packing tape, protective paper and bubble wrap are available. Transpac’ s boxes are quality, sturdy boxes that endure the journey from moving house.


Type of boxes (Contact us for order):

Small Box / Book and Wine box

Size: 40.6cmL x 29.8cmW x43.1 cm High

Sturdy small boxes are great for heavy, breakable and fragile items. Their use can vary from your DVD collection, crockery and cutlery, fragile glassware, books, games and toys and bathroom toiletries. Small boxes are ideal for packing Wine bottles, preferably standing upright and protected with paper or bubble wrap.

Large Box / Tea Chest box

Size: 43.1cmL x 41cmW x 60cm High

Large Boxes are ideal for bulky items. Bulky items take up a lot of space while packing. With the use of a large box one can combine items such as linens, clothing, footwear and towels. Cushions and other soft bulky items are ideal for filling up large boxes and protecting your larger valuables.

Port A Robe

Size: 59.5cmL x 47.6cmW x 108cm High

A “Port A Robe” box makes it easy to transfer your hung clothes directly into a box. A sturdy Port A Robe box has a fold-down front flap to hang clothing directly onto the steel rail. In this way you can keep your favourite clothing items protected from being crushed and wrinkled with this handy portable wardrobe. Shirts, dresses, suits and pants can be hung on their own hangers in the box. An easy and quick unpack transfers the clothing from the portable wardrobe straight into your new wardrobe.


Transpac are now offering 10 free boxes when you book in your move!  Contact us today!
To contact our professional furniture removalist service, Please call Transpac Removals on (08) 9284 7095 for more information.

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